Ischia: Casa d'Ambra Forastera


Color: Straw yellow. 

Aroma: Fruity notes of apricot and pear, as well as Mediterranean scrub. 

Taste: Medium-bodied with medium acidity. Hints of almond. 

Pairing: Pork, chicken, seafood, and lighter cheeses. 

For 130 years, the D’Ambra family have been united by a great passion for the grapevine and the wine. Following the traditions of founder, Don Ciccio D’Ambra, the second generation stamps its name and a family legacy on the production of prestigious wines. The pursuit of excellence continues to characterize the production of D’Ambra wines. Starting from the wise hands of Salvatore and passed down to one of his sons, Andrea, it was he who gave birth to well-known wines. One such wine is Frassitelli, which brings out the diversity of Ischia island territory. Andrea D’Ambra is now followed by his two daughters, Sara and Marina. From the foundation of a deep-rooted history they bring in their own innovative spirit.

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