Virtual wine experience with The Italian Cellar

Join Ed White '06 and Julie Farricker '04 for a two-part virtual series and interactive tasting with The Italian Cellar. The themes of this second installment will feature “Finding the Pucker”  and “Racing the Tuscan Sun '' respectively.  

The first session on Sunday, April 24, will showcase the region of Lazio, its treasures, and one of our favorite restaurants in Rome that takes pairing their wines to a new level.  

On Sunday, May 22, we will continue our journey with the history of Chianti Classico, our top-five recommended Tuscan places to visit, and we will end with a quick trip to Umbria to experience one of the most important up-and-coming Italian wines. 

The duo met at Stetson, and since then travel and the dining experiences have been the core of their friendship for two decades.  

RSVP today and let them share with you their experiences with Italian wine.

Complete the form below along with the number of bottles corresponding to the package below along with any special instructions, and we will ship your order between 8 and 10 days prior to the first session.

2 bottles - session I $41.00 inclusive of shipping

3 bottles - session II $66.00 inclusive of shipping

5 bottles - both sessions $102.00 inclusive of shipping 

10 bottles - double the wine from both sessions $185.00 inclusive of shipping

12 bottles - double the wine from both sessions PLUS two additional Orvieto Classico’s $200.00 inclusive of free shipping