Sardinia:Terrae Palmae Carignano

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Color: Rich ruby red.

Aroma: Expresses an intense and fine bouquet with fruity and balsamic notes of Mediterranean scrub.

Taste: Medium-bodied with medium acidity. Feels fresh in the mouth with a fragrant fruit and nice ripe tannins.

Pairing: Grilled meats and aged cheeses.

From Sardinia,the second largest island of Italy after Sicily, we bring you the wines of Terre Palmae, with two distinctive varietals and two distinctive areas of production for the grapes utilized. We now showcase Vermentino in the Siema portfolio from the three main regions with their unique flavor profile and differences: the lightness and elegance of the Ligurian, the power and concentration of the Tuscan, and the strength and depth of the Sardinian.

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