Emilia-Romagna: Giovanna Madonia Neblina Albana Secco Romagna



After an insidious, humid and rainy spring, vintage got interesting, resulting in a slightly early harvest and healthy grapes with fragrance and good acidity.

Grape Variety

100% Albana from a Vineyard trained in Guyot and “Alberello”, “Bush” system at a density of 6.500 vines per hectare (2,600 vines per acre). Grape production: 5000 Kg/Ha.


Calcareous-clayey mixture. Exposure south-west. Altitude 300/350 m.


Hand-harvested in small crates usually during the last weeks of September.

Winemaking Process

Soft pressing and vinification without skin-contact maceration. Less than 60% juice extraction. Fermentation and maturation sur lies exclusively in stainless steel tanks. Micro-filtration and brief bottle ageing. Nomacorc Select Bio 100 Closures with oxygen control.

Tasting Notes

Bright straw yellow. Colour.
Moderate aromas of aromatic herbs, lime, white peach and melon. Full taste with lively freshness and fruity tanginess. Persistent the savory finish. Serving temperature 12°C. Notes edited by AIS Romagna.

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