Liguria: Durin Rossese Riviera Ligure di Ponente


Color: Intense ruby red.

Aroma: Ample, intense, persistent, fine, and fruity; sents of rose, strawberry, rasberry, blueberry, and lightly winy.

Taste: Medium-bodied with medium acidity. Dry and rich to the taste but fairly soft and pleasantly warm, and lightly tannic.

Pairing: Ideal to accompany first courses such as Genoese style ravioli, trenette pasta and risotto in meat sauce, canelloni and second courses such as Genoese cima veal with mushrooms, salt cod, and fish soup.


The Durin estate takes its name from grandfather Isidoro who was by the nickname of “Doro”, which in Ligurian dialect is transformed to “Durin”. The land has been in the Basso family for generations. In typical Ligurian fashion, the estate is made up of scattered plots and terraces of olive trees and grapevines distributed on the high hills in the Arroscia valley. At the end of the seventies, the Durin estate started its transformation thanks to Antonio Basso who left a medical career to dedicate himself to the care of the vineyards. Antonio and his wife Laura revived old traditions and concentrated on the indigenous varietals of the region.

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