Liguria: Durin Riviera Ligure di Ponente Granaccia Stissa


Characteristics Ruby red wine with purplish edges. Intense fruity aromas of cranberry and strawberry to the smell, with spicy sensations. Dry, full and persistent to the taste with a spicy flavour. Soft tannins on the palate and a good concentration balanced by a pleasant acidity.

Grape varieties and area of production It is produced with grapes from the granaccia variety, harvested in the Ortovero and Onzo vineyards.

Dynamic maceration of destemmed grapes with natural production of carbon dioxide for about 7 days after the start of the fermentation process. Mildly-controlled temperature fermentation. Use of fermentation gasses up to saturation in the vat. Resting in batonnage on thin lees for a few months. Natural clarification by decanting and storage under temperature control into steel vats. No added sulphur dioxide or chemicals in the clarification and bottling processes. The presence of little sediment is to be considered completely normal.

Food matching At its best with charcuterie and cheese, in particular brigasca sheep milk cheese Toma, red meat dishes, venison, boar and pork roast.

How to serve and to store It is served in big chalice glasses with medium to large mouth, at a temperature of 18°. It needs to be stored horizontally in the red wines racks of the cellar, at a constant temperature between 11° and 14° C.

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