Campania:Colline del sole Falanghina Sannio

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DOC - Vinified in purity - 100% Falanghina

Produced in varietal purity from the vine of the same name, it has a bright yellow color with greenish reflections. It is elegantly fruity, with hints of apple, banana and jasmine. The flavor is dry, delicate and harmonious. Aromatically very marked. It goes well with fish, shellfish and cheese dishes.

Production area: Arpaise, in the production area of ​​Falanghina del Benevento, half-hill position facing south with an altitude of 250 meters above sea level. Compact clayey soil.

Grapes: Falanghina 100%

Training system: The training system of the vineyards is guyot. Conducted with integrated farming method. The production per hectare is 80/90 quintals.

Vinification:  Manual harvesting and placing in plastic boxes weighing 20 kg max., Carried out in the first half of October. Crushing and destemming and cryomaceration. Fermentation in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature 20/25 days.

Characteristics: Very bright straw yellow color, intense and floral aroma. Full and soft dry flavor.

Alcohol content:  13 degrees alcohol - ph 3.40 - Total acidity 6.00.

Pairings:  Pairings: Exceptional on seafood and oysters or savory fish dishes.

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