Sicily: Salvo Foti Vino Rosso "I Vigneri"


Color: Ruby red.

Aroma: Forest red fruits and red flowers.

Taste: Medium-bodied with medium acidity.

Pairing: Meat-based pasta dishes.


The "Maestranza dei Vigneri" ("Winegrowers Guild") was established in Catania in 1435. This important association of vine cultivators working in the Etna region was the foundation stone for professionalism in wine growing and production. After 500 years, I Vigneri is today the name of a company of winegrowers and producers operating around Etna and in eastern Sicily. The proprietors are vine experts, such as Salvo Foti and a group of local growers from the Etna region. I Vigneri is the culmination of more than 30 years experience in Eastern Sicily, of historic, social and technical research aimed at achieving "excellence" in wine growing and producing. Mount Etna is so much a part of this area. I Vigneri is also a holistic system of grape growing and wine production which respects our environment.

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