Tuscany: Il Borro Syrah Pian di Nova



75% Syrah and 25% Sangiovese

Food pairing

This wine is perfectly paired with traditional Tuscan dishes with meats but is also excellent with bread-based or vegetable soups. It can also be served to accompany aged or blue-veined cheeses.

The product

In the glass, it has an intense ruby red color. On the nose, the bouquet is decisive with floral notes and hints of red berry fruit and a spicy aftertaste. The taste is soft and enveloping and the ever present tannins are never invasive. It has a good acidity which makes it pleasant to drink. All the components of Pian di Nova have a good balance which make it a versatile wine that one never tires of drinking


The “Pian di Nova” wine is obtained by pressing 75% Syrah and 25% Sangiovese grapes. The vineyards where these grapes are harvested are all located 200 meters above sea level and have a density of 4.700 plants per hectare. The soil is mostly clayish with a good skeletal presence and a small percentage of sand which allows good drainage without bothersome water stagnation. Once optimal ripening has been reached for each type of vine which later will be vinified separately, the grape is harvested manually and placed in 10 kilo crates and after a night in a refrigerated cell at 5°C it is destemmed. The berries are then selected with an optic device which eliminates unwanted products. The must that is obtained undergoes cold maceration for approximately two days at 10°C in thermo-controlled steel vats after which time fermentation begins. This process takes place at temperatures ranging from 25 to 28°C and lasts approximately 10 days. Once the sugars have been transformed into alcohol the wine obtained is allowed to macerate with the skins for at least another 20 days. Following racking, the wine is left in steel vats for 6 months and then decanted in second and third passage French oak barriques where ripening takes place for 12 months. At the end of the rise in wood, it is once again decanted in steel vats and only at this point the blend of the two types of vines takes place. Following a brief decanting and mild filtration the wine is ready to be bottled. Once in the bottle it requires another 6 months of refinement before it can express to the fullest all its potential.

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