Stuffing your stocking - From single bottles for special occasions to holiday parties, I am recommending a few additions to your cellar. I've even got ideas by the case!

Every year, I say the same thing, “I am not going to do as much for people this year, I am going to keep it simple.”  And although I have tried and put forth tremendous effort in keeping Christmas simple there is always that tipping point where I tend to go a bit overboard.  Years ago I started getting everyone the same thing, a book and a bottle of wine, and I would plan this in advance weeks before Christmas, sometimes even before Thanksgiving.  What would happen though, is I would eventually find myself scrolling through Instagram or Facebook and stumble upon “The Perfect Gift” for someone, so I would order it and before I knew it I would have an entire room filled with Christmas gifts!  

Theoretically this could still happen but I have three great reasons to buy your holiday gifts from The Italian Cellar:

  1. Huge range to suit every taste & budget
  2. A team of passionate wine advisors who strive to create a phenomenal experience
  3. 100% Guarantee of enjoyment

We are also a great option for business.  Delight work colleagues, clients and customers and say “thank you” with wine. Most importantly—allow The Italian Cellar take the hassle out of spreading a little good cheer.

You are guaranteed to delight work colleagues, clients and customers with any of our perfect gifts. Why not say thank you with wine ... and let The Italian Cellar help to spread a little good cheer.

A dedicated Gift Advisor who will look after you and your order.  Help with your gift selections, provide quotes, and invoices.  Let us do the hard work.  We can deliver to multiple addresses throughout Hampton Roads, or even ship to the continental United States.  Gifts will be beautifully packaged with personalised labels.

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