In the summer of 2019 three friends decided to leverage their knowledge and Italian connections and opened a travel agency that focused on bespoke Italian travel. 

The Italian Tour had just launched and we were in the midst of travel planning for Summer 2020. Our clients were mainly first-time visitors to Italy and we were ready to share Il Bel Paese with them. However, COVID-19 spread and all travel aspirations came to a screeching halt.

Although we weren’t traveling this year, we were still researching and exploring Italy in other ways. Eventually our Corporate Mastermind (Ed) had the idea that The Italian Cellar would be the perfect way to keep the spirit of Italy alive in people's homes. Our Italian Wine Scholar (Julie) has been busy researching the regions and their viticultural treasures while our Brand Resonator (Lindsey) is keeping us on our toes.

The Italian Cellar will be an experience of traveling but on this side of the Atlantic.

On a birthday zoom call to friends in Italy, we made a very special announcement: "We are opening a wine shop!”  Since we can’t take people to Italy right now, we will find a way to bring Italy to them. 

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What makes us different? 

We hope to share our enthusiasm, knowledge, and pure love of Italy and its wines.  Our goal is to create an experience so amazing that our subscribers get a burst of excitement when they are notified their wine has shipped and when they open up the box. Much like Christmas morning, we do not want you to be able to contain your excitement!

As longtime wine drinkers, travelers, and members of the Italian wine trade, we’re particularly good at finding the best small-medium vineyard Italian wines with amazing histories that we strive to share with our amazing customers like you. It is not easy to put a bottle of wine from small family estates in the hands of our customers. But we simplify the process by working out of our Virginia warehouse where our focus is our wine and its story, not the building that surrounds us.

Our customers are adventurous and curious and always looking to explore something new and different.  We work hand- in-hand with our importers to create an amazing experience.  Give us a shot — you’ll be amazed at the experience you receive.

Thank you again for your interest in The Italian Cellar.  We sincerely hope you will love our selections as much as we do.  Our Mission is to curate an experience that surpasses expectations, with every package, every delivery, without fail.  

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Meet Our Team 

Ed White (Corporate Mastermind & Director of Lasting Impressions) 

Yes, my title says it all. While I am always thinking about the lasting idea of my company in the customer’s mind, I simply have a passion for Italian wines--I always have! While studying abroad in Austria, upon encountering bouts of boredom or stress, I would board a train to Italy and get off in a random town to enjoy the culture, the food, and most importantly the wine of the area. For me, Italy was not just an escape, it was a place for me to set off on these mini-adventures that would ultimately shape my life. My love and passion for wine has inspired me to not only share it with other like-minded individuals, but to help others who want to learn and grow as wine drinkers. 


If you were to ask me to pick a favorite Italian wine, I’d struggle to pick just one. I would ultimately say that it’s all dependent on the experience you want. For a relaxing day by the pool, I‘d go for a bubbly Lambrusco. For seafood at sunset, I‘d spring for a Gavi di Gavi, or for beef on a night out, I‘d recommend a rich Barolo. Through a little direction, I hope to educate others on how to drink wine like a real Italian without having to leave your home.


Lindsey White (Brand Resonator & La Principessa of Tough Conversations) 

I deal with the numbers. My brain just works like that. And while everyone else is jealous of my powers, my practical mind is the in-house accountant for multiple family-run businesses in Virginia, where I am always busy keeping others on task. When I have some time for myself, my unique passion for wine goes hand-in-hand with my appreciation for small vineyards and the family dynamics within them. In my opinion, the best wine is one with a story and a memory behind it!


In the past, I have had the opportunity to travel all over Italy. I‘m full of stories of making new friends over sunset and learning about the local culture through those who have lived it. While I love a wine with a good story, my taste changes for each occasion. Like my brother, Ed, if I‘m by the pool, I prefer a bubbly wine like Lambrusco or Prosecco, but if I’m on the town or enjoying a quiet night in, I am fond of Barbaresco or Chianti. 


Julie Farricker (Italian Wine Scholar and Ambassador of Cultural Experiences)

Now, that’s a pretty big title to live up to, but I do my best to remain grounded. Currently in my 17th year as a high school English and social studies teacher, I’ve had the ability to travel the world and visit six out of the seven continents, as well as visit all regions of Italy and  become fluent in Italian. Growing up, I was introduced to Italian cultural traditions by spending time with my grandmother in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Today, my affection for my Italian heritage has led me to honoring my grandparents and the sacrifices they made by obtaining dual citizenship between Italy and the United States. Well, that and also becoming the grand supreme of wine. 


As an Italian Wine Scholar, I participated in a certification program sponsored by the Wine Scholar Guild and endorsed by the Italian Trade Commission. During this time, I explored the twenty-one wine regions of Italy, and was awarded a diploma after two comprehensive exams. So naturally, asking me to pick a favorite wine is a hard task. If I split it up by region, my favorite northern Italian wine is Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOCG (I love the faint sweetness from the appassimento process of drying the Corvina grapes). My favorite southern Italian wine is Taurasi Riserva DOCG and its noble grape, Aglianico. And that’s only the beginning!

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Our Commitment

At the heart of what we do and always have done is a passion for Italian wine and travel that we want to share with our customers. So, if you’re looking for mass-produced wines from faceless brands, you’re in the wrong place. If, however, you want delicious ‘real’ Italian wine that speaks of its origin then welcome to The Italian Cellar.

 Today, The Italian Cellar’s insatiable appetite for wine excitement is embraced by a team of wine buyers who continue to innovate and pioneer up-and-coming wine regions and winemakers.

Where other wine companies have come and gone, The Italian Cellar strives to create an exceptional experience by putting customers first every step of the way.  With every phone call or email we answer we go the extra mile to make you feel that buying from The Italian Cellar is an absolute pleasure.

We have a terrific team who love talking wine and Italy with beginners and experts alike and take every opportunity to show you what top level service is all about.

  • We believe that our industry can and should work together to promote the responsible enjoyment of alcohol and that collectively, we can positively change the nation's relationship with alcohol.
  • We do not sell alcohol to anyone that we believe to be intoxicated.
  • We operate a 100% ID check on all delivered sales, always asking for a recognised form of ID.
  • We do not sell alcohol to customers whom we suspect of passing alcohol to under 21s.
  • We do not offer any incentives to our customers to drink irresponsibly.