What is in store - 2021 sneak peek

With the three of us, you never really know what is on the horizon.  The one thing you do know is that whatever it is we will attack it with 110% of our energy.  When it comes to The Italian Cellar, I can promise you we have only just begun!  In 2021, we will continue to explore the different regions of Italy through their grapes.  We will also focus on diving into the Italian wine designations and we will even put together some special packages based on our personal preferences and those of our clients.

We find ourselves pretty busy right now, but barrelling through 2021 will not be an option, we will find a way to travel again and we will focus on making your experience as our partners in wine and travel phenomenal.  We also hope to plan a very special wine tour in the early summer of 2022, visiting some of our favorite vineyards we currently carry and exploring new ones along the way.

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