ABRUZZO: Lunaria Coste di Moro Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

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Lunaria is a brand of Cantina Orsogna, for organic, biodynamic and vegan certified wines. Cantina Orsogna, formed in 1964, is a cooperative company of 600 farmers committed to Organic & Biodynamic Farming as well as conservation of Majella National Park- one of the most intact natural parks in Europe. Cantina Orsogna adopted organic practices in 1995 and in 2003 started to convert from organic to biodynamic. PHILOSOPHY: Lunaria promotes love for the land and its inhabitants. The biodynamic process is built to sustain the wildlife in the surrounding preserve. Sharing Abruzzo culture, Lunaria uses the traditional, old-country-style rope for the wine seal. The rope tying process is entrusted to the BABALU, the Friendship Farm, Supporting employment for persons with special needs.


Sensory Characteristics

Impenetrable ruby ​​red, red fruit and black cherry jam on the nose, light notes of cocoa and toasting complete the bouquet. In the mouth it is warm, rightly tannic and therefore soft, intense, and with the typical almond finish.



Platters of cured meats, grilled and baked meats, pasta dishes with very structured sauces.

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