ABRUZZO: Lunaria Pecorino Civatas

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Lunaria is a brand of Cantina Orsogna, for organic, biodynamic and vegan certified wines. Cantina Orsogna, formed in 1964, is a cooperative company of 600 farmers committed to Organic & Biodynamic Farming as well as conservation of Majella National Park- one of the most intact natural parks in Europe. Cantina Orsogna adopted organic practices in 1995 and in 2003 started to convert from organic to biodynamic. PHILOSOPHY: Lunaria promotes love for the land and its inhabitants. The biodynamic process is built to sustain the wildlife in the surrounding preserve. Sharing Abruzzo culture, Lunaria uses the traditional, old-country-style rope for the wine seal. The rope tying process is entrusted to the BABALU, the Friendship Farm, Supporting employment for persons with special needs.


OVERALL: Expressive & Intense

AROMAS / FLAVORS: Citrus, Ripe Pear, Peach, Orange Blossom

MOUTHFEEL: Clean, Rich & Full-Bodied

A Highly Drinkable, No Intervention Reflection of Abruzzo

SUSTAINABILITY: Certified Biodynamic, Certified Organic, Certified Sustainable, Vegan

PAIRINGS: Seafood, Medium Cured Cheese, Pasta Dishes, White Meats

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