ABRUZZO: Lunaria Sparkling Ancestral Brut Nature Pinot Grigio



OVERALL: Ethereal & Expressive Aromas: Honey, Elderflower, Grapefruit, Brazil Nut MOUTHFEEL: Floral & Tangy

PAIRINGS: White Wine Cod, Aglia et Olio, Lemon Roasted Chicken


From the love and respect of an authentic land, from the desire to leave unaltered the pungent charm while making the most of its potential, finds the production of Lunaria wine, a harmonious mix of excellence and strong personality. Montepulciano, Trebbiano d’Abruzzo, Sangiovese, Malvasia are not simple names and unexpected. In the background, the sea and the Maiella national park are immersed in dreams that turn into ambitious projects. Lunaria winery chooses to implement biodynamic agriculture. This method is continuously looking for innovative techniques and processes in absolute respect of the territory, its laws and of the farmer as guardian of its secrets.

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