Alto Adige: Kaltern "K" Rose


Color: Light pink-to-ruby.

Aroma: Delicately fruity, reminiscent of raspberries and wild cherries.

Taste: Medium-bodied with medium acidity. Fresh and juicy on the palate.

Pairing: Heavier appetizers, as well as fish and white meats; great summer wine.


Since 1900 Cantina Kaltern has been an ambassador for the wines produced at Lake Kaltern, especially the indigenous “Kalterersee”. The wines offer moments of relaxed, light heartedness and trigger the wanderlust to experience this unique region. The winery with its 684 members proprietors of 490 hectars gets deeply involved in the preservation of the local traditions, the rural culture and the land of Kaltern as a whole, land which has always been heritage of the locals. Along with the tempering effects of the lake, the location in the heart of the Alto Adige wine growing area allows for the optimal collection of the sun's rays, which give the grapes an extra bit of warmth, color and aroma well into the autumn.

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