Calabria: Varchi Ciro Rosato


Color: Ligher ruby red.

Aroma: Raspberries, strawberries.

Taste: Medium-bodied with medium acidity.

Pairing: Serve chilled and perfect for all aspects of a summer meal.


The Varchi wines are crafted from the vineyards of the Campoverde Group, a consortium of about four hundred Calabrian fruit producers who, through the cooperative formula, have consolidated their presence on national and international markets in the fresh and processed fruit sector. Campoverde is headquartered in the Piana di Sibari in the North-Eastern area of Calabria, between the slopes of the Pollino massif and the Ionian coast. The Piana di Sibari is part of the Quality Agri-food District, commited to the protection and enhancement of the products that come from this fortunate strip of land both from a climatic and orographic point of view.

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