Sicily:Casa Mia N 27 2017 - Chardonnay


An International grape, Chardonnay, now, has its roots in Sicily. The organoleptic characteristics offer flavors hard to find in other lands. Harvested by hand, de-stemmed and gently pressed. The fermentation is controlled at constant temperature of 16°C. Aged for a period of 6 months in stainless steel vats. Finally bottles rest for a month before being marketed. The Siema Vineyards family of wines are a celebration of the best and the brightest classic wines from some of our favorite wine estates. Siema staff carefully select an estate that represents the traditional winemaking methods of the region, coupled with the ability to create a wine for the US market that has significant value. Our Chardonnay is made by the esteemed Sicilian estate owned by the Alcesti family.

Made with 100 % Chardonnay grapes. Yield per hectares: 70 Training system: spalliera Type of pruning: guyot First planted in”2003. Grapes harvested between August 8 & 15th

This is a fresh and lively Chardonnay with flavor of yellow apple and freshly cut hay. During the tasting you can see the bright straw yellow color and hints of Mediterranean fresh fruits. This wine is young and harmonic. We suggest pairing with aperitifs and fish dishes.

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