Lazio: Volpetti Cesanese

Color: Ruby red.
Aroma: Complex nose of mature red berries and plum spices.
Taste: Fuller-bodied with medium-plus acidity. Notes of red berries with a hint of black pepper.
Pairing: Grilled meat, roast, and robust cheeses.
The Cantine Volpetti winery is situated in the heart of the Colli Albani vineyards which lie on the gentle slopes of the volcanic hills in the south of Rome. Wine production in this area dates back to the Roman Empire, as reported by Catone and Orazio. It is since 1958 that the Volpetti family is involved in the making of its own wines and the quest for quality wines has produced not only excellent Malvasia del Lazio, Cesanese and Trebbiano from autochthonous grapes but also Sangiovese and Montepulciano from domestic grapes and Syrah and Chardonnay from international grapes, which grow well in this volcanic soil. Today their products represent a blend of vineyards and territory which characterizes its image of elegance and prestige in a mixture of tradition and innovation in the art of wine making.

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