Liguria: Durin Ormeasco di Pornassio Sciac-tra


The vine is very close to the dolcetto vine. The main differences are the red stalks, the smaller bunch and the thicker grape skin. However, the ormeasco gives sweeter tannic wines and duration higher than the dolcetto. It can obtain a superior designation if it is aged for one year and with a natural minimum alcoholic strength of 12.5% vol. It can be partially produced as white wine reaching a rosé colour (in Ligurian dialect ormeasco sciac-trà means to press and pull the must away).

Characteristics Wine with a coral rosé colour. Winy and with a delicate fruity smell with notes of wild berry and cherry. Pleasant and particular. Dry, fresh, harmonic, soft and light to the taste.

Grape varieties and area of production It is produced with grapes from the Ormeasco vine harvested in the vineyards of Ranzo, Armo, and Ligassorio. 

Food matching The Ormeasco ‘Sciac-tra’, fresh rosé wine, easy to drink, is ideal to accompany dishes such as trenette with pesto, beef ravioli, grilled poultry, stuffed chicken and fish al sale (baked under a layer of salt).

How to serve and to store Serve at a temperature of 12°C in medium stem wine glasses. Store in horizontal position in the red wine racks of the cellar at a constant temperature between 11 and 14 degrees.

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