Veneto: Babbo Prosecco Brut


Historical Background The Glera is a vine whose origin is not certain. It probably originates from the Venice Giulia or from more distant oriental zones. The most appreciated versions are those fizzy and foamy of the Prosecco D.O.C. of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene.

Grape Varieties and Vinification Technique

Vinification in white at low temperatures with selected yeasts. Taking of foam in small autoclaves of the maximum course of 40/80 quintals for a period of about 40 days at the temperature of 16°/17° C up to the attainment of 5-5,5 ATM with a degree of amiability of 1,1.

Tasting Note It's a sparkling wine with a pale yellow color. Delicate bouquet with typical notes that remind of apple, almond, wisteria and acacia blossom. On the palate the taste is delicate and balanced. Abundant and evanescent foam thin and continuous perlage.

Suggested Food Pairing Excellent as aperitif, with fish appetizers and delicate dishes. This wine matches excellently with oven confectionery.

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