Veneto: Bebe Rose of Pinot Grigio


Historical Background Originating in Burgundy, this vine was brought to Italy by a Piedmont wine grower who first began cultivating it in the zone around Alessandria and Cuneo around the year 1820. It was introduced into the Lison Pramaggiore D.O.C. region in the mid -1900s.

Grape Varieties and Vinification Technique

Vinification with cryomaceration for 3 hours at a temperature of 5 °C. Fermentation at low temperatures with selected yeasts. Taking of foam in small autoclaves of the maximum course of 40/80 quintals for a period of about 12 days at the temperature of 16 °/17 ° C up to the attainment of 2 -2,8 ATM with a degree of amiability of 12,00 -13,00 g/l.

Tasting Note The process of cryomaceration gives this sparkling wine the characteristic brilliant copper hue and it extracts from the skins all the typical flavoring substances of the Pinot Grigio. The bouquet is reminiscent of walnut hull, toasted almonds and wisteria. On the palate the taste is dry, sapid and balanced with fresh acidity. Intense foam with extremely thin and continuous perlage.

Suggested Food Pairing A fresh and sparkling aperitif, it goes perfectly with fish appetizers and delicate dishes. This wine is also an ideal match with oven confectionery.

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